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Our Events

Picnic and BBQ

This is an annual get-together, organised by the Ghana Association, where the entire Ghanaian community in Peterborough comes together to share ideas, interact and socialise. The event starts at 1pm and we are privileged to have been sponsored on this occasion, by the Lottery Fund. Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed

11th Year Anniversary

In 2021, we will be celebrating the 11th anniversary of the founding of the association on the 6th March. A series of events are been planned for this occasion. This is another important event on our calendar. As Ghanaians, this is the occasion in which we reflect not only on how our forefathers fought and liberated us from the clutches of colonialism, but how far we have come as a nation. GAP plans to grace the occasion with a get-together to showcase our rich and diverse culture. This will involve a series of activities like display of Ghanaian cultural artefacts, food, costume and many more. A guest speaker will be invited to share his or her thoughts with members and Ghanaians about any topic pertaining to Ghana.

8 Freshwater Rd, Hampton Vale, Peterborough. PE7 8JJ
(+44) 07984 434 854

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