Welcome to the Ghana Association in Peterborough (G.A.P.)

Our heartiest Welcome goes to you. At GAP we believe in social unity and community spirit which are key to promoting opportunities and enhancing our wellbeing.

Life is full of adversities and struggle, and as we embrace these, an opportunity is created, and resilience built.

As a community, we’re committed to seeing our member’s lives transformed by the power of integration and positive community feel.

G.A.P. provide many activities and talks to help you live your life in the most meaningful and successful way.

Why don’t you join as in our monthly meetings on the last Saturday of the month? “This could be the gateway to a good social life”


Membership and Benefits

Membership is open to all Ghanaians regardless of ethnicity, gender, social status, educational achievements or political affiliation.
Membership formalities include registration and a payment of £10 (monthly) for a year or £100 upfront yearly.

G.A.P has a range of benefits for its members who have qualified for them. These include among others financial assistance for family bereavement, a package for hospitalisation and many more.

Become a Volunteer

It only takes a minute to fill the form and become a proud volunteer for Ghana Association in Peterborough.

Upcoming Events

Our events focus on getting Ghanaians in Peterborough together to celebrate our culture and heritage.

Picnic and BBQ
Picnic and BBQ

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10th Year Anniversary
10th Year Anniversary

In 2020, we will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of

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